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Welcome to Marcato Kitchen! In music, marcato indicates emphasis on a particular note and though we are not in the business of making music, we do draw a direct correlation between music and food as artistic expressions. We chose to name our restaurant Marcato Kitchen because our combined histories are rooted in both. As with music, where each instrument plays a role in bringing a piece to completion and where emphasis on a particular note can evoke an emotion, in our food we use ingredients and flavors to do the same. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for giving us the opportunity to show you how special the Marcato Kitchen experience is!

banh mi
beet stromboli

Not just a sandwich

We are chef-driven and have worked in some of the best restaurants throughout Utah. Our mission is to give you a creative side of food and a new way to eat sandwiches that utilize fresh, local, organic ingredients, merging cultures and traditions. 


Discover the art of STROMBOLI SANDWICHES.

At Marcato Kitchen our stromboli dough begins with organic flours and ferments for 72 hours; this means flavor and natural sugars develop, no added sugars here. Pastas, french fries, and sauces are all freshly made in house and sourced with as many local ingredients as possible!

72 hr dough
marcato stromboli
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