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after graduating culinary school from the culinary program at the art institute in 2013 Kyle was introduced to the stromboli by Chef Guiseppi Randazzo he loved how something so simple could be so delicious. he also studied and worked as a sushi chef for 5 years at sushi blue park city, so don't be surprised to see some Asian influence in his food.

Since then, he has been cooking in restaurants in SLC and Park city honing his skills and craft working his way up to chef for restaurants such as hearth and hill, bon Appetit, and hsl.

Marcato Kitchen focuses on the stromboli and looks at it like a blank canvas, starting with the dough, using really good organic flours, fermenting the dough for 72 hours and wrapping it around really good cheeses, vegetables, meats and sauces. Baked to order and fresh every time. 

their is defineintly more to come! thank you for your support.

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